MOTORMATE AC-DC 24V 10A power supply and fully automatic 4 stage battery charger MOTORMATE AC-DC 24V 10A power supply and fully automatic 4 stage battery charger - Bourne Electronics


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Item #: BC-02410SCT
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  • The Motormate BC series of chassis mountable compact AC-DC power supplies/battery chargers use the latest switch mode technology providing fully automatic battery charger suitable for all lead acid battery technologies - SLA, AGM, Gel, Flooded Wet Cell and Calcium.
  •  The input and output are completely isolated.
  • The device can also be used as a power supply to run electronic devices constantly.
  • The BC-02410SCT is a fully automatic charger with overcharge protection with selectable boost/absorbtion charge voltages @ 10amps of 28.4V, 29.2V or 29.6V that drops to 26.4V, 27V or 27.6V in a reduced current float charge mode
  • . Also features a thermal control cooling fan with autostart and a 4 colour LED charge mode display.
  • In power supply mode the output is 40 amps with voltage being selectable at 26.4V, 27.0V or 28.6V
  • Other models are available within the BC series with outputs suitable for 12VDC or 24VDC.
  • Featuring a tough anodized aluminium case with mounting cover and a wide range operating temperature, overload and short circuit protection with LED indication.


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